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[قثث Blogger Ali Abdulemam

Blogger Ali Abdulemam

Ali Abdulemam, a leading Bahraini blogger and Global Voices Advocacy author, was arrested earlier today by the Bahraini authorities for allegedly spreading “false news” on portal, one of the most popular pro-democracy outlets in Bahrain, amidst the worst sectarian crackdown by the government in years, and accusations of a supposed “terror network” involving several political and human rights activists. The BahrainOnline portal is censored in Bahrain. He sent an email earlier today mentioning that he got a call from the Bahraini national security just before his arrest, then arrested him and alleged that he was trying to flee.


Reportedly the Bahraini government has a long track record of using torture against dissidents and their TV has been broadcasting hateful sectarian messages to justify its crackdown

Ali was arrested before also for content published on his portal, and he contributes occasionally to Global Voices Advocacy and Global Voices Arabic Lingua.

On February 27, 2005, he was arrested by the Bahraini authorities because of messages posted on BahrainOnline that are critical of the ruling regime. The following day two more moderators of BahrainOnline were arrested: Mohammed Al Mousawi and Hussain Yousif.

Update #1:

An online campaign calling for his freedom is now active.

Update #2: is turned down. It is up again now.


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