Ali needs your support – Free Ali Abdulemam Campaign

Join the Global Campaign to Free Ali Abdulemam

1- Send appeals to the Bahraini Embassies in your country.

2- Send to the Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs on Twitter: @KhalidalKhalifa

3- Spread the Word on Twitter- use # Abdulemam and #Bahrain.

4- Add a Banner on your blog/website.

5. Write blog posts demanding the Freedom of Ali Abdulemam.

6. Spread this video!.

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2 Responses to Ali needs your support – Free Ali Abdulemam Campaign

  1. As I did in 2006 for Alaa Abd El-Fatah of Egypt, and for Yang Jianli, a Massachusetts resident long detained in China, I have committed a couple hundred dollars of my own money for Google Ad words. For Internet users in North America, there are ads up on Google for keyword “Bahrain” which will point to this blog. Perhaps people with business or travel plans in Bahrain will benefit from being informed.

    I am doing this as a private citizen, who wants to put his money where his mouth is regarding human rights. If other folks wish to commit their own money, they can purchase ad words on their own.

    How much this worked in 2006, I couldn’t say. Both Alaa and Jianli were eventually released, likely as a result of human rights advocates & activists worldwide.

    You can see this by searching on Bahrain — though this might skew my understanding of many people are searching for it. (Searching for Bahrain travel will bring up many agency advertisers who have bid much more for clicks). I have started my bidding at $1/click — so if you do happen to click on it, you will draw money from me that would otherwise sponsor a click from someone else.

    Jon Garfunkel
    Boston USA

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