More than ever, we need your help. Free Ali Abdulemam

It has been almost one month since the arrest of Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam. Ali has been held in solitary detention since then. His legal status remains unclear as no lawyer has seen him, and the authorities do not provide any details on the exact charges that Ali and the other detained human rights defenders will face.

Ali’s wife, Jinan, was allowed to see him on September 30 very briefly. She is trying to get another visit so Ali can see his children. He appeared to be in good health but was not aware of the “Free Abdulemam” campaign, which indicates that he has been in total isolation from the outside world since his detention.

Vincent Forest, Head of the EU office of Front Line, International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, completed on September 30 a mission to Bahrain to assess the current situation for imprisoned human rights defenders and political activists.

“Our friend and former colleague Ali Abdulemam has been denied access to his lawyers and there are serious fears about the use of torture”, Forest said. “Ali´s initial 15-day period of detention expired on Sunday, 19 September. His detention now appears to continue in contravention of the applicable Bahraini legislation.”

Front Line demands that Ali Abdulemam and other detained human rights defenders be either released or charged with a recognisable offence under international law. “Ali Abdulemam should as a matter of urgency have access to his lawyer and family, Mr Forest said. “All allegations of ill-treatment and torture should be independently and impartially investigated”.

Bahrain has also imposed travel bans on human rights defenders who are targeted on the basis of their legitimate and peaceful human rights work. It looks as though they may soon be lifted due to the high level of international pressure.

More than ever, we need your help. Join the Global Campaign to Free Ali Abdulemam

1- Send appeals to the Bahraini Embassies in your country

2- Send to the Bahraini Minister of Foreign Affairs on Twitter: @KhalidalKhalifa

3- Spread the Word on Twitter- use #Abdulemam and #Bahrain

4- Add a Banner on your blog/website

5. Upload videos of yourselves and write blog posts demanding the Freedom of Ali Abdulemam

About leilanachawati

I´m a Spanish-Syrian activist, blogger and social media consultant. I have degrees in English Studies and Arabic Studies and master´s degrees in International Cooperation and Literary Criticism. I have lived in Spain, US, Syria and Morocco, where I taught Spanish language and culture for many years. I contribute to indepent projects Global Voices Online, Global Voices Advocacy and Periodismo Humano and I also write about human rights and new forms of communication for other media like Al-Jazeera. Passionate about citizen media and empowerment for social change.
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