Blogger Ali Abdulemam is Free

Blogger Ali Abdulemam is finally free after been arrested since 4 September 2010. Ali was released on 23 February 2011 after Bahrain King ordered the release of group of prisoners, including political prisoners and activists, among them Ali Abdulemam.

Ali is now recovering from his long ordeal and is catching up on the lost time with his family. He is back to his wife and children, he asked us to thank all of you for your support and solidarity.

We members of the Campaign to Free Ali Abdulemam also would like to thank all the people of goodwill who spoke, wrote, and acted on his behalf and on behalf of free speech.

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4 Responses to Blogger Ali Abdulemam is Free

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  3. charlotte peery says:

    All the world prays Freedom will Reign soon in the mid-East! The people in the world are becoming aware of the Evil you have to endure. God is Great and Freedom WILL reign…NO ONE LIVES FOREVER!

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