Bloggers Solidarity

The following blogs and organizations have shown solidarity with Ali Abdulelmam. The list continues to grow, and it will be updated to add new posts.

Name/Nickname Country Date Link
Adrian Monck UK 10/28/10
Martin Moore UK 10/28/10
Ebtihal Salman Bahrain 09/05/10
Chan’ad Bahraini Bahrain 09/05/10
Mahmood Al Yousef Bahrain 09/05/10
Mahmood Al Yousef Bahrain 09/05/10
Ruslan Trad Bulgaria 09/05/10
Mohamed ElGohary Egypt 09/05/10
Ramy Raoof Egypt 09/05/10
Elanora Panto Italy 09/05/10
Nasser Weddady Mauritania 09/05/10
Nabil Morocco 09/05/10
Mohammad Abu Allan Palestine 09/05/10
Alexey Sidorenko Russia 09/05/10
Adriana Gutierrez Spain 09/05/10
Anas Qtiesh Syria 09/05/10
Lina Ben Mhenni Tunisia 09/05/10
Sami Ben Gharbia Tunisia/Netherlands 09/05/10
Jillian york USA 09/05/10
Alan Morrison USA 09/05/10
Renata Avila Ecuador 09/05/10
Nidhal Algeria 09/06/10
Hussain Yousif Bahrain 09/06/10
MUJTABA ALMOAMEN Bahrain 09/06/10
Zeinobia egypt 09/06/10
Frontline Defenders Ireland 09/06/10
Ahmed Al-Omran KSA 09/06/10
Layal Alkhatib Lebanon 09/06/10
Ghazi Ghblawi Libya 09/06/10
Hisham Almiraat Morocco/France 09/06/10
Leila Nachawati Syria/Spain 09/06/10
sonam ongmo USA 09/06/10

3 Responses to Bloggers Solidarity

  1. Mohammed AlMubarak says:

    He is the one who opened our eyes to web world. This is very crazy to abandon such a mind from the fresh air.

  2. can give you my name says:

    he is a terrorist and had all of you supporters fooled, he and peopel like him have played a dirty game under the flag of human right but they are extremist Sheaa who want Iran to rule the area.

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