Ali Abdulemam: I Was Subjected to Torture

Since he was arrested on 4 September 2010, Ali Abdulemam was allowed to meet his lawyers for the first time and for 30 minutes during the first trial which took place on 28 October 2010 in the Ministry of Justice and Social Affairs in the “High Criminal Court Room”.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights was able to document the testimonies of the detainees, including Abdulemam.

What did Ali say before the judge?

“I was subjected to torture, beatings, insults and verbal abuse. They threatened to dismiss my wife and other family members from their jobs. I was interrogated in the prosecution without a lawyer, and the officer there who appeared to be from the National Security dismissed my denials to the allegations put against me. He never allowed me to respond to the questions he was asking, but rather answering them himself whilst I was stood behind the door as I was not permitted to sit during the investigation.” – Ali Abdulemam, 28 Oct 2010.

Sources in Ali’s family told Free Ali Abdulemam campaign:

[…] On the trail day they didn’t allow his wife to go inside the court , only Ali’s older brother was allowed to go inside while his wife and another brother of Ali were waiting outside.

[…] Ali said in the court that he was subjected to torture, beatings and humiliation and cursing. he was hung from the ceiling and blindfolded on the first day. He was also threatened to fire his wife from his job and all his family members from their jobs if he did not confess.

[…] His son , he is very much attached to his dad I’m very concerned and worried about him. His mom is very sick and tired , she couldn’t go and visit him until now , she can’t see him in prison and in this way , she is an old lady they filled her heart with sorrow and grief . Ali is her youngest son. All his brothers and sisters and all his friends are suffering from his absence in this terrible day, some of them started to show their sadness through writing some pomes about him , about his lively character and lovely smile and about their memories that share with him.

We still need your help! check this post on what you can do.

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4 Responses to Ali Abdulemam: I Was Subjected to Torture

  1. Mohamed says:

    My heart with you Ali I know how much you are suffering from these species they have mind and feelings but dead.
    Freedim for you brother…

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  3. Asya khalaf says:

    Oh Ali.. you break my heart.. i really think about u .. all the time.. iam concered about your family.. specially your wife, son, and mom. I don’t know how your wife manage her life without you. And how your mother can stay alive a minute without you ..God help them and you

  4. Saoirse says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I really hope our international pressure will have an effect soon. Please stay strong because you have a lot of support in your country and throughout the world!

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