Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from imprisoned blogger’s wife

The distinguished Secretary of State, Mrs. Hilary Clinton,

Pleasant greetings,

I am the wife of arrested Bahraini blogger Ali Abdulemam. Ali is the father of my five year old son Mortada and my twin daughters Sarah and Zahra who are younger than a year old.

I have received news of your impending arrival to my country Bahrain. I would like to send to you my urgent appeal for help in the releasing of my husband who has been imprisoned in Bahrain since September 4th of this year.

My husband was arrested after being summoned before the National Security Apparatus with accusations – which were never proven – of “spreading false information.” The National Security Apparatus published an explanation immediately following his arrest . After a global campaign by bloggers and defenders of the freedom of opinion and expression and human rights  , instead of reviewing the detention order of my husband, his arrest was publicized in the media and he was depicted as a terrorist in the media and government communiqués.

Madam Secretary,

It has become clear to me that my husband has been subjected to the crudest forms of torture and physical and psychological abuse throughout his time in prison. He was forbidden from meeting with an attorney throughout the harsh investigation and his time with the public prosecution. In fact, my husband met with his lawyer for the first time in the courtroom. The court also denied the lawyers’ requests to present the barbaric torture my husband was subjected to. The court continues to proceed with the prosecution of my husband based on coerced confessions that have no connection with my husband’s personality, which is known by all the people of Bahrain, especially his family and blogger friends all over the world. Furthermore, the media has refused to publish the torture and abuse my husband was subjected to or the proceedings of the trial which we know are full of difficulty and hardship.

Madam Secretary,

My husband was fired from his job at Gulf Air which he was devoted to for thirteen years without a single accusation or examination by the investigative council. Thus, with my husband’s arrest alone we are immediately faced real suffering that increases with the continuation of my husband’s absence which agonizes me and his three children.

I wish to inform you Madam that I consider all that we have faced as a family and all that my husband has faced up to today as a result of my husband’s sincere expression of his views and aspirations in reform and goodness for Bahrain and the region. My husband protests peacefully through blogging on what he considers to be harmful to the interests of the people. Ali supports and calls for reform in Bahrain and Iran by devotion to individual freedom and the freedom to express one’s opinion. That much is obvious from his blog posts.

Madam Secretary,

I am certain that you will meet with the highest officials in Bahrain on your anticipated trip. I am also certain that those officials will immediately comply with any appeal from you to enforce justice and release my husband. Therefore, Madam Secretary, I implore your sympathy, and all that is provided for in the values of American freedoms, as I appeal to you to include my husband’s case on your anticipated trip’s agenda. Your support will surely strengthen the value of democracy and freedom which support the development of justice, peace, and tranquility.

I would like to thank you for taking on this moral responsibility. I sincerely hope you will support my request.

Jenan Al Oraibi
The wife of arrested Bahraini blogger (Ali Abdulemam)

السيدة الفاضلة وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية، هيلاري كلينتون
تحية طيبة وبعد

أنا زوجة المدون البحريني المعتقل علي عبد الإمام. علي هو أب طفلي مرتضى ذو الأعوام االخمسة وأب طفلتاي التوأم سارة و زهراء وهما لم تتما بعد عامهما الأول.

بلغني نبأ قدومك القريب إلى بلدي البحرين، وأحببت أن أرسل لكِ ندائي العاجل للمساعدة في إطلاق سراح زوجي المعتقل في البحرين منذ الرابع من سبتمبر الماضي.
لقد اعتقل زوجي بعد استدعائه من قبل جهاز الأمن الوطني بتهمة لم تثبت هي “نشر أخبار كاذبة”. وقد أصدر هذا الجهاز بياناً إثر اعتقاله . وبعد حملة عالمية في أوساط المدونين والمدافعين عن حرية الرأي والتعبير وحقوق الإنسان.  وعوض أن يتم مراجعة أمر احتجاز زوجي، جرى التشهير به في وسائل الإعلام ووصفه بأنه إرهابي في وسائل الإعلام وبيانات السلطة

.سيدتي الفاضلة

لقد تبين لي أن زوجي تعرض لأبشع أنواع التعذيب والانتهاك الجسدي والنفسي طيلة فترة احتجازه. وحرم من مقابلة المحامي طيلة فترة التحقيق القاسي معه وإبان عرضه على النيابة العامة، وقد التقى محاميه لأول مرة في قاعة المحكمة

لم تستجب المحكمة لطلبات المحامين للنظر للتعذيب الوحشي الذي تعرض له زوجي، وهي ماضية في محاكمته على أساس اعترافات قسرية لا تمت لشخصيته التي يعرفها به كل شعب البحرين فضلاً عن عائلته وأصدقائه المدونين في كل أنحاء العالم. ورفضت وسائل الإعلام نشر ما تعرض له زوجي من تعذيب وانتهاك أو حتى نشر مجريات المحاكمة التي نعرف تفاصيلها بمشقة وعناء
سيدتي الفاضلة،
لقد فصل زوجي من عمله في شركة طيران الخليج والذي أخلص له طيلة ثلاث عشرة سنة دون أن تثبت عليه تهمة أو يعرض على لجنة تحقيق. بل لمجرد اعتقاله. ونحن نتعرض إثر ذلك إلى أذى حقيقي يزيد من مرارة غيابه المفجع عني وعن أطفاله الثلاثة
أفيدك علماً سيدتي، أني أعتبر أن كل ما نتعرض له كعائلة ويتعرض له علي اليوم أنه نتاج تعبيره الصادق عن رأيه وطموحه في الإصلاح والخير للبحرين والمنطقة. ومعارضته السلمية من خلال التدوين لما يعتبره مسيئاً لصالح الناس. لقد دعم علي وناشد للإصلاح في البحرين وإيران مقدساً الحريات الفردية وحرية التعبير عن الرأي. يلحظ ذلك جلياً من خلال مدونته
سيدتي الفاضلة،
إني على يقين أنك ستلتقين في زيارتك المرتقبة أهم المسئولين في الدولة. وإني على يقين كذلك أن هؤلاء المسئولين سيستجيبون بشكل فوري لأي نداء من قبلك لإحقاق العدالة والإفراج عن زوجي. وعليه يا سيدتي فإني أناشدك تعاطفك كما أناشد من خلالك كل ما تنص عليه قيم الحريات الأميركية أن تدرج قضية زوجي على جدول أعمال زيارتك المرتقبة بما يعزز قيم الديمقراطية والحرية التي تدعم مسيرة العدل والسلام والطمأنينة
أشكر لك تحملك هذه المسؤولية الأخلاقية. وكل أمل أن يلقى خطابي هذا صداه المرجو عندك
جنان العريبي
زوجة المدون البحريني المعتقل  علي عبد الإمام

About leilanachawati

I´m a Spanish-Syrian activist, blogger and social media consultant. I have degrees in English Studies and Arabic Studies and master´s degrees in International Cooperation and Literary Criticism. I have lived in Spain, US, Syria and Morocco, where I taught Spanish language and culture for many years. I contribute to indepent projects Global Voices Online, Global Voices Advocacy and Periodismo Humano and I also write about human rights and new forms of communication for other media like Al-Jazeera. Passionate about citizen media and empowerment for social change.
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4 Responses to Open Letter to Hillary Clinton from imprisoned blogger’s wife

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  2. Karabo Maimane says:

    My sincere hopes and good wishes are with Ali, his wife Jenan and their children.
    May the grace of God Almighty be with you all and many others in desperate need of immediate emancipation from suffering.

  3. Grainne Kilcullen says:

    Ali, we are all hoping and praying for your release. Jenan, you are doing great work and I hope soon it will have benefit on Ali’s situation.

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